What are your business hours? 

Our business hours are 7AM-10pm PST. You can contact us at any time but we guarantee a timely response during those hours.


How quickly can I expect to hear from you? What's the fastest way to get started?

We do our best to reply to all initial inquiries within 24 hours. The fastest way to get started is to complete our intake form and e-contract. We will then send over the PayPal invoice. As soon as you complete the intake form, e-contract, and paid invoice, we will get started on your proposal or schedule our video call.


When will my contract begin and how long is it? 

Your contract begins the day you receive the written proposal and lasts for 4 weeks.  


What does "real time text messaging" mean and how do I redeem them?

Real time text messaging is a service we provide with all our packages. Real time text messaging is a way for us to "be right there with you" as you implement the proposal we send you. We do our best to respond to text messages within an hour (during business hours).  

Real time text messaging provides you with the space to: trouble shoot early nap wake ups, ask advice amidst sudden schedule changes, express frustrations, etc. It also provides the space for us to cheer you on and encourage you from afar in a time that can often feel lonely.  

We set up our group text message thread once your contract has been signed and the proposal has been sent. You can begin to use your "day's worth" at any time once business hours open.  You may ask us questions throughout that day until business hours close. That would all count as 1 day of messaging. Depending on which package you choose, you would get 2, 4, 5 or 10 days worth of messaging.

Typically caregivers use a day or two the first week of their contract, take a few days to try to implement it continuously on their own, and then will check back in with us for another day midway through the contract and once again before it ends. The days do not have to be use consecutively and we leave it up to the client to decide when you want to use them.


If I get 5 days of real time text messaging yet the contract is 4 weeks, how does that add up?

Real time text messaging is a way you can check in with us to ask for quick advice or double check your gut. Our goal at Sleepy Cues is to enable you to recognize and respond to your child's sleep needs. Ideally we are working ourselves out of a job!  

Thus, you will not need us to interact with you every day of your contract.  You are able to redeem the days of real time text messaging as you wish. Some clients use most of them in the early days and save a couple towards the end of their contract. Others prefer to space them out evenly. Ultimately it is up to you to decide how you want to use your bundle of text messages. 

We do love to know when things are going well and communication of that regard does not count against your days!  


I have tried everything; how do I know your proposals will work for me?

One of the things we value at Sleepy Cues is looking at the entire picture. Our goal with the intake form is to not only get a snapshot of your family rhythms, but also to see the fine details specific to each individual family unit. We formulate our proposals from that specific space. Thus, we do not have one standard plan that we apply to every situation. We receive information about your specific family and craft together a proposal that works for you. We believe if you are able to implement the proposal and utilize the tools we give you with consistency you will walk away with success!


I don’t feel comfortable with CIo (crying it out). What other Sleep Training methods do you use as a part of the proposal?

We do not have one method listed on our site because we do not believe there’s just one method! We 100% believe each family is unique and each child is unique. So even in one family, you might use a different “tool” (so we call it) with each kiddo.

On your proposal we will list a few options that we think best fit your family, based on your intake form. And then we will ask you to choose which one you + your partner think you can be most consistent with implementing. We have worked with families that do not mind crying and others who want little crying - we can support a family either way. Our main goal is to set the babies up for success! If you are interested in finding out more, take a look at our intake form.


What happens if I get to the end of my contract and have not experienced success?

We understand the fear of investing in something and still being left with no improvement at the end of the exchange. We do not believe this will happen with Sleepy Cues. We cannot guarantee that your child will be sleeping exactly X number of hours or never veer off schedule. However, we have never had a client who did not see some improvement, within their 4 week contract, with regards to their child's sleep. The client's who make space in their life (during the contract time frame) to really focus on kiddo sleep and respond, consistently, with the tools we give them have seen even more success than they had hoped.

All of our clients, regardless of how much consistency they have provided for their child, have ended their contracts with a more clear understanding of their child's sleep cues, tools for how to respond when "things don't go as planned" and overall more sleep for the whole family.


What if I need help with more than one child?

We love to help with rhythms for the whole family and how they fit together.  We offer The Mini for returning clients (nap transitions, moving to toddler bed, etc.) or as a sibling add on to any package purchase.