Weekend/Week away at Grandparents house

How do you begin to think about setting yourself and your kiddos up for success for a weekend away at the grandparents house? Here’s everything you need to get yourself and your kids prepped!

  1. Talk about how long you will be gone and draw pictures for older kiddos to see the schedule for the week.

  2. Send a picture with your kids to have in their bag if they miss you. Decide if you think facetime will benefit them or if they are too young and it might upset them to see you on a screen.

  3. Prepare food lists for grandparents and prep snacks/meals if necessary ahead of time. You can write down what they should eat at each snack and meal time if you need to give specific instructions.

  4. Have a general daily schedule printed off for grandparents to follow. You can even discuss ahead of time what activities they will do each day and write that down on the picture schedule mentioned above.

  5. Make sure to pack any blankets or loveys that your kids normally sleep with or white noise machines/fans that they are used to for naps and night sleep. Make sure that grandparents know the usual bedtime routine. You can also pack a few familiar books to help your child.