2019 Vision Setting

Tomorrow, it will be 2019! Are you ready?!

As we turn the page on the past year, we wanted to encourage you guys to take some time to think through what your personal goals are for 2019. It can feel like an overwhelming task to try to sit down and summate a previous year while also establishing goals for the next year. We want to spend time this first month of the year thinking through what personal health can look like in 2019.

Here are a few prompts to get you started:

  • Look at your calendar from last year and evaluate it. What appointments/events on your calendar brought you joy? Which ones contributed to your overall health? Which ones depleted you?

  • Which friendships mean a lot to you? Are you able to spend time with those friends? Think through how you can prioritize the people you value and get to spend the time with them that you’d like to.

  • Schedule two getaways with your partner for the next year. They can be weekends you send your kiddos to their grandparents house or they can be days you get a sitter and escape the house for time just the two of you!

  • Find a time once a month where you can do something you want to do. Plan this in the budget and make both this time and the time away a priority!

  • Look at your budget for the past year. Did you meet your financial goals? Think through which goals you’d like to set for this year. What are some things you want to save for?

  • Did you miss the actual budget each month? Look through the past months and set a budget that is more realistic for you.

  • Are there any items you want to add to the budget this year based on the above goals?


  • Think through which physical activities are the most fun for you. Sometimes it can be helpful to have a list of activities that make you strong AND you enjoy.

  • Overall personal health includes mental clarity and relaxation as well. Decide what calms your brain and do more of that this year!

These are just a few starters but we hope you can spend some time this week planning for the year ahead!