Traveling Abroad: London

The first time I flew internationally back to the states from London was when my son was 6 months old. Something I will always remember was my mom saying, “Honey, the flight will end at some point!”. She was so right! It did end and we survived. We kept the same eating and sleeping routine for him during the flight and he handled it like a champ! If you find yourselves traveling abroad to London, check out our last post about Paris. The same rules apply for taking the overnight flight on the way to London. In this post, I wanted to give you guys some of my favorite recommendations for traveling with kiddos to London and still experiencing all the city has to offer!


Buckingham Palace


This place is always packed, but it’s still fun to watch the changing of the guard. Bring a carrier for small kiddos so they can see over the crowds and you don’t have to push through people with a stroller. 


Kew Gardens


This is a short tube ride away and a wonderful place to escape from the crowds of London and enjoy some beautiful gardens. It’s a wonderful experience with the kids since they can have some space to run around.


Day trip to Oxford


This was such a fun day trip with the kids from London. Our friends were visiting and we each had a 3 month old. It was quite easy to crawl through different pubs and restaurants while taking breaks to feed baby. The streets were very walkable and easy to push the stroller around. Having a carrier would have been a little easier in some of the right spaces in the pubs.


Borough Market


This market is full of delicious food and drinks! Bring cash and enjoy the food outside. Find a day that has warmer weather than we did in February, because that’s the coldest I’ve ever been while nursing a baby! Lol!


Finding Pubs

There are so many pubs in London it’s overwhelming to choose. My best tip is to go off the beaten path a little bit and avoid any pubs right near tourist sights. Those usually don’t have great food and are crowded! 


Tower Bridge 

I love this sight since you can walk across with a stroller easily and then take a break to visit the Tower of London right next door. Both great spots for the kids to walk if they need to get some exercise! 


Big Ben  + Parliament 

We love adventuring around the Thames River to see all sides of the gorgeous Big Ben. Head over to the London Eye side for great views. Check out the Aquarium there too if your kiddos are tired of historical sights! 


You can check out the Evensong service at any of the cathedrals if you want to get inside for free. They are usually around 4/5pm. Get there a little early to secure a spot in line and bring a carrier as strollers aren’t usually allowed inside.  


My heart is full of wonderful memories in this city, and I hope some day you get to take your kids there to experience the magic of London, too!!