Top 5 No cost summer ideas

Here are our top 5 recommendations of no cost activities to do with kiddos this summer!

1. Pool Time: Who doesn’t love hanging out at the neighborhood pool with friends and neighbors! Have the kids help out and prepare their own snacks or sack lunch to bring with them so they are involved in the process.

2. Take a Hike: Look up a local hike to take with your kids. Young babies can ride in a carrier and older kids can carry a small backpack with snacks and water.

3. Nursing Home: Travel to visit a grandparent or great grandparent for a visit or look up a local nursing home or retirement community to love on some of the people there. It can often get lonely without company or family nearby. Kids can prepare art to bring to brighten their day or they can bring along toys or games to play with them.

4. Fort Building: When it’s a hot day, get out all the blankets and pillows from the closets and beds and make a huge living room fort! We also love the Antsy Pants brand of fort building poles and tents for some extra fun!

5. Scrapbooking: Get the kids involved in looking through old pictures and put together a paper or digital scrapbook or slideshow of a recent trip or activity!