Teachers FTW!

Teachers, for the win! Teachers are truly the best and step in to teach and care for our kiddos. The best thing we can do is take really great care of them! I do this through a few different avenues.

First, I set them up for success by sharing all the things about my specific kiddo. I usually send my kiddo to daycare/preschool/school with a note “from my kiddo” thats all about me. It is not super long but it hits the highlights of how my kiddo might respond in various avenues and recurring verbiage we use at home. I want the teacher to be able to use the hooks we already have in our kiddo’s brain by sharing the phrases we repeat in our family.

Secondly, I ask them to fill out a favorites sheet! I want them to know all about my kiddo but I also want to know all about them! I find a free “favorites” sheet online and have the teacher/helpers fill one out. That way, I know when their birthday is, what their favorite coffee beverage is, and more. It helps set ME up for success so that I can purchase them things they like and not have to guess. I love bringing a random treat on Fridays or a book from their favorite author before the holidays.

Don’t be afraid to get to know your teachers and also share info about your kiddos. Build the relationship and then enjoy being a team together as you care for your kiddo this year!