Developmental Milestones: Throwing/Hitting

Am I the only one who’s ever been smacked on the mouth with a hotwheel car?  When I was at the dentist last week he asked me if I remembered chipping my tooth.  I answered no at the time and was so confused, but then on my walk home I remembered when my youngest had just learned to hit and practiced his newest skill on my face.  My lip swelled up and I cried.  It had been a while since physical pain from one of my children made me cry!  Please tell me I’m not alone!?  

So how do we navigate this new found skill without getting hurt or getting wrapped up in this irritating behavior!?  One thing I always try to remember is that my toddler isn’t trying to hurt me.  He’s testing my response to what this arm movement will do.  I always respond with saying “gentle hands” and showing my toddler the type of touch that I would prefer instead of getting hit.   He usually laughs or smiles in sheer delight that he is interacting with me and we share a moment of connection together.  

Hang in there mommas and daddas! This phase will pass...but sometimes not as quickly as the physical milestones!