Baby Milestones

Developmental Milestones: Walking

Nothing is more exciting that seeing your baby walk for the first time!  However, those weeks leading up to the big event can be difficult on baby and parents/caregivers.  Some babies get frustrated with not being able to walk and can whine or seem needy with their caregiver.  Others just practice their steps with determination on their own!  You can walk alongside your baby while holding their hands to help them practice the skill, or you can stand out in front of baby and see if they will let go and take those first steps between the furtniture on their own!  If you find baby is having a hard time sleeping because they are practicing their budding skill of walking during a nap, you can use a similar technique to when baby is pulling up on the side of the crib if he or she is walking around in the bed (we have rarely experienced that!).  Simply go in if baby is crying or upset and lay him or her back down in the crib.  You will continue to do this until baby falls back to sleep.  Here’s to getting through this milestone quickly and with patience!!