Marriage Care: Syncing Spheres

Sometimes it can feel difficult to sync up your spheres with your spouse. Each person has their own colleagues and friends, and it can be hard to find ways and time to connect the two worlds. It is important, however, to know your spouse more intimately by experiencing life with his or her friends and co-workers. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Connect work couples with you and your spouse: Think of co-workers who you might like to spend time with outside of work. Get a double date on the calendar so your spouse can enjoy time getting to know the “work” side of you through spending time with your co-workers.

Connect Mom friends with spouses and you: Sometimes this can feel uncomfortable at first if you haven’t met your mom friends’ spouse, yet, but this is also an important part of you getting to know your friend, too. Set up a low key dinner with the 2 families outside in the yard or get a double date on the calendar to do something fun together (Mini-golf, Karaoke, Escape Room, Rock Climbing).

Friends from the gym: It’s always fun to get together with your friends from the gym. You could do a work out with spouses on a weekend and then go out for brunch. 

From school: Get a few parents together from the school for a happy hour. It takes the pressure off of having just 2 couples. Invited 8-10 people so there’s plenty to talk about!

From kid activities: If your child has a favorite friend or two from their after school activities or preschool/toddler class, plan a family day with the parents and kids to hang out together. Sometimes it’s easier at first to gather as a whole group, and then you can plan couple time afterward!