Summer Sleep: On the Go!

School is officially out in Los Angeles!! We seem to be on the later end of the school year closing but as of this week, it is officially summer!! And with summer, usually comes more activities and more instances of being on the go. If you find yourself with a big kid at the pool and a baby in tow, we wanted to give you a few examples of how to help set up your littles for sleep while still being able to be out and on the go!

Looking to head to a pool, splash pad or water park but find it necessary to bring your littlest one along? Not a problem! Try to think ahead on potential sleeping environments/set ups for where you are going.

If you are going to the beach, you can bring along an umbrella and portable crib so your little one can snooze in the shade while the bigger kiddos make sandcastles with grandma by the ocean. Bonus time for Mama if you bring a book to read while your little one is snoozing!

If you’re going to a splash pad, you can bring your baby carrier with you and strap them in your carrier. Find a spot in the shade, with your feet in the water, and relax until your little one wakes!

Are you headed out on a weekend trip that involves a lot of driving? Try to time your longer drives during nap times for your little ones. If you have a car with video capabilities, stick on a show so they can relax while your baby sleeps. Bring along your favorite podcast for the front seat and enjoy some quiet! Time your rest stops for when the kiddos wake and you can have a snack, stretch your legs and finish the car ride!

We’ve said this before but our M.O. at Sleepy Cues is to try your best to keep the timing of the nap relatively the same, but change the mode. Think through what all you can bring along that will set up your baby for success as they are sleeping along your travels, all be it a day trip or week long trip.

Bring along some familiar loveys or pillow cases so they can drift off to sleep with ease in new spaces. And last, but definitely not least, share with them the plans so they are not caught off guard at the last minute. Enjoy your trips this summer!!