Scaffolding for a successful school year!

I’ll never forget the year I “started kindergarten” for the second time in my life! I was about to send my first ever 6 year old to school and we had so many obstacles on our course to kindergarten! One of the things I found most helpful, for my little guy who appreciated details on the front end, was drawing a picture (with him) of exactly what was going to happen.

This can be as fancy/formal as an official social story, or it can be a few handrawn stick figures on a sticky note. Either way, the idea is the same: you want to provide the scaffolding for your kiddo(s) so that they can move forward bravely and succeed! A few ideas:

  • Draw out a picture/list of the routines for both before school and before bed.

  • Explain to your kiddo what will happen after school and who will be picking them up (especially if it will be different each day). You can even incorporate pictures of those picking them up.

  • Put up a weekly calendar in the kitchen so your kiddo(s) can have a frame of reference for which day in the week it is.

  • Consider packing the lunches and backpacks the night before so everything is good to go in the morning before you head out the door!

We think calm, confident kiddos come from mamas and papas who also are calm and confident. As you think about how you can set your kiddos up for success this school year, think through how you can provide scaffolding for yourself, as well! What can you do to set you up for success when the time comes? What are the most stressful times of the day/week/etc? How can you help things run smoothly?

Enjoy this last week and let us know how the first week of school goes!