Stroller Pitfalls when traveling

“Which stroller should I take?!” 

This is the most common question I’m always asking myself when I’m about to embark on a trip with the family. The choice does depend on wether there will be lots of car travel (umbrella stroller), or walking (jogging/multi-seat stroller). We want to share with you today about some common mistakes as we consider different stroller options and needs while traveling. 

The first stroller pitfall that’s easy to make is bringing a stroller that doesn’t fully recline (umbrella type stroller) when you’ll be doing a lot of walking/touring around at your destination and need your baby to sleep in the stroller or in a car seat on a stroller. Don’t make the mistake of bringing something smal and compact but not being able to utilize it for naps!  On the flip side, don’t bring a huge double jogging stroller to cart through the airport if you will mostly be driving at your destination.  Utilize a carrier such as an ergo for smaller babies and an umbrella stroller for big kids and bags.  We personally love the Maclaren umbrella stroller   .  It even has a strap to carry it on your shoulder when not in use.  This stroller is also great because it declines and has a hood.

The second pitfall has to do with not having the proper accessories for your stroller. Make sure that you have your travel white noise that can clip to the stroller, your loveys, pacifiers, stroller fan and blanket to cover or black out the stroller. Have all of these accessories accessible in your carry on if you’re flying. 

The third stroller pitfall is not having the correct blanket or size to cover the stroller properly.  The last time I was at Disney, I realized my youngest was just getting too heavy for me to wear him for a 2 hour nap, but I had only brought the carrier and not come prepared for the stroller. I had to purchase a $35 blanket to cover the stroller so he would fall asleep. Thankfully it was lightning McQueen and he loved it, but still. I hate buying things I already own when I’m out!  Also make sure you have clothespins for a smaller/lighter blanket to clip on the hood of an umbrella stroller if you want some shade/privacy.  

Are there any other tips we’ve forgotten?!