Setting up Sleep Environment: Hotel/ Vacation Home

We wanted to share a few thoughts with you guys about what it looks like to set up the sleep environment when you are staying at a hotel or vacation home. We think 90% of vacation sleep problems can be figured out if you think through what the sleeping environment is going to be like.

Is there enough darkness? Is there a divided space away from the main bed where you can set up the pack n play or sleeping bags for the kids? How can you put the kiddos in a space where they can get the sleep they need while you still have a little freedom before your bedtime? Thinking through some of these questions can be really helpful!

Essentials that we’d want to pack would be:

  • pack n play

  • white noise

  • trash bags (for windows) or some other darkening shade

  • familiar lovey or pillowcase

We also cannot underestimate the importance of preparing your kiddos for sleep BEFORE it is sleeping time. You can show your kiddos a picture of the home or hotel online ahead of time so they know what to expect. Try to keep the bedtime routine somewhat similar (even if it’s later than normal). And definitely incorporate some kind of rest time or recoup time since you will likely be doing more activities than normal.

Most of all, have fun!!