Developmental Milestones: Rolling Over

There were three in the bed and the litttle on said... “Roll Over”!   Around 3/4 months, most babies begin to learn to roll over from back to front.  Some master the tummy to back roll earlier while practicing tummy time.  

How many times have you been through the scenario of wondering if you should continue to swaddle your baby if he or she is rolling over or starting to roll over? It can be extremely maddening going back and forth on different swaddling techniques and brands and not to mention super confusing for baby!  For example, if your baby was in a muslin swaddle blanket only, you can start by unswaddling one arm and committing to that.  Try not to waiver on your decision so that baby will have the consistency from you so he/she can learn to sleep with one arm out.  Give the process 1-2 weeks of learning the new routine.  If your baby is having trouble rolling and getting stuck, make sure you are keeping him or her safe by watching the baby monitor to see if their head control is enough to lift up or if they are strong enough to roll back to their back.  You can give them practice time during their waketime to roll with your assistance.  This will hopefully help baby to get those rolls in when they aren’t sleeping.  If your baby is still having trouble falling asleep, go in to soothe and help him/her to roll back to their back/side (whichever is more comfortable for them).