Establishing Rewarding Routines

One of our hopes for these blog posts is to help set you mamas and papas up for success as you head into this next school year. For the mamas out there whose babies/toddlers are heading to daycare/preschool, it can be a little overwhelming to send your little one off for the day on their own. If you haven’t done that before, it can feel like a huge change!

One of the tools you can utilize is called a “rewarding routine.” Rewarding routines are routines that you set up that are the SAME every time you do them. A specific time that is helpful to utilize a rewarding routine is during times of transition. When you drop off your kiddo at daycare/preschool, try to do the same thing each time. Put the backpack on the hook, give a quick squeeze, blow a kiss and say “see you soon!” before you walk out. If you keep it short and sweet, the familiarity of the routine can bring felt safety to your little one.

This same concept can apply to a nanny at home, workers at the gym, mother’s day out & time at the grandparents. Anywhere you are experiencing a transition, a rewarding routine might be helpful!

Another tool we use in my son’s daycare room is a photo of us! Any time he was missing mom and dad (in those early days), his teacher would take him over to the wall and say “wave hi to mama! Do you want to give her a kiss?” You can include a photo in their backpack, up by their cubby or any other place they might frequent.

You know your child’s temperament best so think through how you anticipate they might handle the upcoming transitions and incorporate some tools for success!