Developmental Milestones: Pulling Up

That moment when you look at the monitor and see your little baby pulling up on the side of the crib and screaming because they can’t get back down!  We promise we are laughing with you, not at you, sweet baby!  It’s difficult to know how to respond to this new behavior and honestly can be quite maddening.  Our biggest drum that we beat at Sleepy Cues is CONSISTENCY!  We would encourage you to decide what your response will be and stick to it.  Even if you have to go in over and over for 100 times one night.  Stick with it until they master the skill.  It’s important for baby to know that even though they are up in the night or during the nap working on this skill, nap time or night time hasn’t changed!  We would encourage you to go in and lay baby back down in the crib if he or she isn’t able to get back down from the standing position.  Don’t give up!  This phase will pass within a few days to a week.  If you run into more issues or this protesting continues, there’s a chance that more than just the developmental milestone is throwing off his or her sleep.