Fall Parent Essentials: More Pregnancy Essentials (guest blogger)

We are so excited to welcome a first time mom and friend, Sarah Wechsler, to the blog to give us some more of her pregnancy essentials this fall! She’s due in January and we couldn’t be more excited to hear about her recommendations.

This is my first pregnancy and honestly it came as a bit of surprise as we did not find out until we were 8 weeks along. We had been “trying” (I hate this term, more on that later if Jenn and Robin let me write again) but the stress of my job and the irregularity of my period after being on birth control for 13 years was not helping us. Pregnancy is a mystery and miracle and it just happened when it needed to. So when we did find out we were excited, overwhelmed, and pretty far into trimester 1. One of the biggest blessings of this pregnancy besides the gift of life is my genes: I have not had a single day of morning sickness or nausea or anything really. Major props to the mammas that keep on keeping on in the midst of the struggle. 

So anyways, I ramble. These have been my essentials for my first pregnancy. 

  1. Prayer. We are not in control, and there are so many unknowns and emotions and changes. You constantly want to surrender your fears, pray for the baby and let God continue his work of making life since the beginning of time. We are not making the fingers and toes inside of us. 

  2. Water. Drink lots of it, all the time. I have a water bottle I keep constantly filled and with me at all times. I drink in the morning and at night and even in the middle of the night. 

  3. Trader Joe’s (everything) prenatal vitamins and Lavender body cream. I took a prenatal vitamin before bed every night and rubbed the lotion on my belly every morning. It became a routine. And honestly they have the best snacks, cheese and ice cream sandwiches for any craving, those are mine currently and, well, all the time. 

  4. Packing lots of protein rich snacks. My go-tos were salted Carmel Almond Kind bars, apples and string cheese. Eat every hour or so to give yourself energy.

  5. Keep living life!! You are not a mom yet and life will change a lot! Engage with friends, travel, work, exercise, go out to eat, keep reading novels, have your rhythms because you need a healthy mind space and body for your baby. 

  6. Mindfulness and deep breathing. I have a pretty stressful job and during our pregnancy we moved and had to live with friends for a month while our new place was being finished. When we are stressed, our brains and bodies release cortisol into our body which is not good for you or the new baby. Loving Relationships, mindfulness, and deep breathing counteract the effects of cortisol when you are stressed. 

  7. Date nights with bae! You and your partner are a team,  make sure to date one another well and continue to pursue one another forever. Especially now as you need to be a strong communicative team ready for a new member who is going to take a lot of time, effort, and love! 

  8. Maternity jeans. The best. So comfy! I may just keep wearing them. I loved the Addison by LED and American Society—both can be found at certain Macy’s or Motherhood stores. 

  9. Find a good and kind OBGYN. It is a blessing to have someone who listens, is funny, and makes time for you! 

  10. Just to make it a top ten list, babymoon! Totally spend the money and do it! Currently in Maui writing this post and living my best life waiting for our baby boy to come soon! Can’t wait to meet you, little man! 

Thanks Sarah for all of these wonderful tips and tricks!!