Pitfalls with planned events while traveling

Today, we wanted to give our Sleepy Cues community some example scenarios to manage all of those planned events while traveling with family or a big group that you aren't in charge of.  It's hard if you're not the final decision maker in your family to plan every single meal/event/activity around your baby.  

The most common pitfall we see around planned events is deciding to push your baby's nap later or skip their nap just because there's a big event planned.  This could be a family boat ride (like this gorgeous one pictured about in CO that we took in Estes Park), a hike, a family dinner, or other activity.  Take an ergo carrier with you if you are going to be out and about all day at the beach or on a hike.  Plan a car nap on the way to an activity or on the way home. 

For babies, a common pitfall is having them stay awake too long between naps while on vacation.  Wether that's because you lost track of time (you can set a timer) or Aunt Mildred took baby for a walk and you forgot to tell her it was nap time, baby can get overstimulated easily with all of the new scenery and faces.  We have all been there with a fussy baby (or even big kid) on vacation and it isn't pretty.  It usually takes him/her twice as long to settle for a nap when they are overtired or overstimulated.  Give yourself grace during vacation (knowing there will be some amount of pitfalls), but do your best to think through each day the night before and when you will have baby nap.