Fall Parent Essentials: Pregnancy essentials

Being pregnant is wonderful, but we all know it can come with some ailments and struggles. We want to offer some relief this fall for those of you who are expecting. Please share with a mama friend if you can! Always consult your primary care doctor, midwife, or OB before doing anything new.

  1. Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow: We love this pillow! It’s soft and hugs you in all the right places. It contours around your entire body, not just the front or back. And the best part is that it is very affordable at $37.

  2. Floradix liquid Iron: If you are low in iron, you are most likely low on energy! This liquid supplement is wonderful because it is absorbed faster into your body. Take iron with vitamin C for even better absorption.

  3. Compression tights: As sexy as these are, they can be a lifesaver for all of that extra blood your body is pumping around! They simply give your veins a boost to pump all of that blood back to your heart. Wear during the day and remove at night. They can be very helpful if you are feeling light headed or dizzy at all. Another benefit is easing that swelling in the ankles or feet. Bye bye cankles!

  4. Blanqui Belly Support Leggings: Round ligament pain can be no joke. If you are a first time mom you may not even realize what it is, but you know you are aching below your belly. Your body is working really hard to support the expansion of your belly, so why not give it a hand with these leggings. This firm support under your belly can really be a lifesaver if you have to be on your feet with work or other children during pregnancy. Right now, Blanqui is offering 50% off with CODE: BLACKFRIDAY A great deal for $30!