Fall Parent Essentials: Facial/Body Products

We both love a good facial! I think Jenn and I discovered how wonderful they are at a Korean spa during our birthday month (shout out November) a few years ago. The problem is that they are very pricey here in LA! We wanted to share with you some facial and body products that you can use year round that feel and treat you like a spa experience any time at home!

  1. Murray’s CocoSoft body cream: This is the most incredible cream for dry skin, hair, and even subbed in as diaper cream. The best part is that it doesn’t get hard and crumbly when it’s cold outside like regular coconut oil.

  2. Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil: This is wonderful to dot over dry facial skin in the winter months. It lasts forever since you just use a small dot. I have combination skin, so this is wonderful to use when it’s very dry here in California!

  3. Eminence Organics Citrus lip balm: I love the end of a facial when they but the fancy lip balm on and it’s nice and cool! This is a wonderful balm that makes me feel like I just finished a facial. I put it on before bed each night and when I get out of the shower every morning. It helps me to relax.

  4. Eurospa Aeromatics Eucalyptus Shower Spray: Bring the steam room experience to your home with this Eucalyptus spray. Spray 1-2 spritzes in a hot shower and transport yourself back to the spa!

  5. EmerginC Peel Pads: These peel pads help flake off layers of dead skin and make your skin feel nice and tingly! These are a little more pricey because they help build collagen  after application.