Fall Parent Essentials: Cozy up

It’s time for all things Cozy! It’s finally getting cold here at night in LA (55 degrees)...I know that’s no really cold, but a lot of us in Southern CA don’t have central heating! We wanted to share with you our favorite products for Fall and getting COZY! 

1. Fuzzy Robe: Who doesn’t love snuggling up in a cozy robe in the mornings and sipping a warm beverage?! Here’s a link to our favorite! 

2. Fuzzy Socks: These are essential to sleeping in our poorly insulated dwellings in LA, but they are still a treat to put on at night anywhere! Check them out here!

3. PJ Salvage: These are the most comfortable pajamas ever and they are super good quality. They don’t come apart wash after wash and they keep their softness, too! You can find these on amazon!   

4. Fuzzy Wuzzy: Jenn & I both call these super soft blankets fuzzy wuzzys. Our favorite one is from target