Holiday City Highlight: Nashville, Tennessee

The next city we wanted to feature is Nashville. I love how Nashville has so much to offer - and yet - it feels somewhat like a small town, too!

Here are a few spotlights from this city:

  • Get in touch with your inner tourist and visit the Grand Ole Opry.

  • If you aren’t too cold for ice cream, be sure to stop by Jeni’s to get a treat.

  • For all of our little conductors, visit the train section at the Adventure Science Center.

  • Do we have any hockey fans? Go snag a ticket to a Predators game.

  • Take a hike & warm up at Radnor lake.

  • Ever wanted to ice skate outdoors? Visit Smashville Rink and lace up!

If you guys end up doing something off the list, or find something even better, be sure to tag us! We want to see you guys makin’ memories!