Joys & Surprises of Motherhood

Motherhood is truly miraculous, isn’t it? The journey to becoming a mom is so intimately personal. It is a time in your life where you feel vulnerable, nervous, excited, potentially sad, or perhaps ecstatic … it is a season in life that is all together overwhelming and yet beautiful. The picture above is from the day I became a mother; the day my friend “Mo’s” son was placed into my arms temporarily.

Every mother’s path to motherhood is entirely unique. Perhaps the journey to motherhood came earlier than you expected. Or perhaps you have turned over every stone of the arduous path you walked that finally got you to motherhood.

Over the summer, many of our friends welcomed their first little loves into their lives. As Robin and I thought about what we wanted to share this month on the blog, we thought it would be meaningful for our readers to hear from some of these new Mamas. We asked two simple questions:

What are you loving about motherhood?


What has surprised you the most about motherhood?

Over this month, we’ll be sharing their responses with you, here. We hope that if you are about to welcome a new little one into your family, that you find comfort in their words. Or, if you are in the trenches of elementary school, we hope this causes you to take pause and remember that season with your kiddo(s)!