#Momlife: Simplifying Your Environment(s)

Hey guys! It’s Jenn here. I wanted to spend some time this month sharing about some of the things I do around my house that make #momlife just a little bit easier. I’ve always been a “type A mom” and naturally tend towards routines, schedules, and checklists.

However, after having lots of kiddos pass through my home, some of those things that were once routine started to slide out of regularity. I found myself reinvigorated when my friend, Pamela, gifted me with a book called: A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living. You can find a link for the book here. As I read this book, I was reminded of how much I value simplicity. It’s the reason the gift meant so much to me in the first place: Pamela knew that I value having a welcoming home and also a simple home. The book reminded me of things that were important to me and shared insights on how to tweak a few things that would make a big difference!

This is not going to be a month of summarizing her book; I just recommend you go read it! But it did make me want to spend this month writing about some of the things I do around the home that make my life as a mom a little bit easier. Enjoy!