#Momlife: Kitchen & Laundry

I’ll never forget the time I was in my friend’s kitchen and was in search of a spoon. I had two toddlers at the time and she did not have kiddos. I opened up her silverware drawer and saw all of the utensils perfectly lined up next to one another. I remember exhaling deep and feeling relaxed just at the sight of it. Haha!! My drawer at home was filled with a mix match of plastic and metal utensils anything but lined up in rows. For you, it may not be that you want to organize your kitchen - but there are still things we can do that will make our life easier regardless of the order (or lack there of) with which we put things away.

One of the things that has helped our budget AND my sanity, is buying toiletry items in bulk. This is harder to accomplish in our small early 1900s rental which has no shelving, hall or bathroom closets. BUT. We’ve made it work! I keep a back stock of toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, and facial tissue. I’ve had too many times when I find myself with like an inch of toilet paper left just as my small group is coming over … and I don’t like that feeling!! So now I keep back stock in plastic tubs beneath the sink.

I also keep an extra laundry detergent, dryer sheets, container of trash bags, set of batteries and household cleaning supplies. It saves me many last minute trips to the store or orders online!

We keep two sets of towels per bathroom, two sets of sheets per bed, and one beach towel per person. Other than that, we don’t stock up! We keep it simple and thankfully we do have a laundry machine in this place!

In our kitchen, we’ve simplified the drawers to only have one drawer that is filled with cooking utensils. And it isn’t over flowingly full where you still have to jam in the spatula in the right angle. We try to take away the small frustrations by keeping some of these recurring items in order.

My last #momlife aspect of my kitchen/laundry that I am grateful for was actually forced upon me. Being a foster mom, we had to lock away all knives, scissors and chemicals (and I mean LOCK not just hide) and cover all outlets. I mean, it feels dumb to go get the key every time you need to slice an apple, but it has brought so much peace of mind to me. I forget how much peace I have in my own home about the no-scissors or knife thing until I’m somewhere else and a kiddo happens upon some scissors. If you have little ones around, take some time to just put away (or at least put up high) the things that might make your heart stop if your little one got ahold of them!

These all might seem small but I have found the cumulative effect of having some simplification and order in this realm is monumental for my mental health!