Hotel Pitfalls

Today we are sharing some of the major pitfalls families can make when staying in a hotel room.  We’ve all been there, right?!  You realize that you don’t have exactly what you need when you arrive...It’s the absolute worst feeling.  We are hoping we can help you avoid some of these things!


1.  Always call ahead to ask if they have pack n plays in the room and SHEETS.  There have been many times that we arrived somewhere late or during nap time and there was not a sheet.  Not the end of the world, but who knows how many germs were on that mattress?!  It can also be comforting to bring your own sheets from home to have something else that smells familiar.  We also had a situation in Europe once where they had a square play yard instead of the rectangular pack n play and our sheets didn’t fit on it.


2.  Stalk the photos of the hotel/Airbnb before you arrive.  Check out the arrangement of the beds/furniture.  Look to see where the pack n play might fit.  Is there a bathroom that has a large area to set up the pack n play?  Is there a large office area that you could move a chair so create a more private area where baby can’t see you? 


3.  Pack a travel white noise machine (and extra batteries if needed).  You don’t want to be stuck in the hotel without a sound machine, especially if you are going to be sleeping close to the baby.  You could also call and ask if there’s a portable fan that you could move into the room for extra white noise.  


4.  Ask for a connecting room if you’re traveling with friends/family.  You’ll definitely benefit from having a connecting door to your room if you are traveling with other people.  You can put baby down in your room and take the monitor to the other room until baby falls asleep or you want to go to bed.  


5.  Ask for an early check in or late check out if you want to have your baby nap in the room during that time.  Make alternate arrangements just in case the room isn’t ready or you have to check out on time.  


We hope these tips tips help your next hotel

stay run smooth!  Send us a DM on instagram and let us know if you benefitted from any of these tips!