Hindsight is 2020: What to expect

Oh my, let me count the number of things I have learned over the years raising newborns!! I think back to my early days with my first, Simeon, and I often wonder what I was like if you were living in real life next to me. I remember that time with such fondness and also curiosity. I wish someone had been recording me so I could see what things I used to try & do.

The BIGGEST hindsight is 2020 lesson I learned with Simeon surfaced because I did NOT establish a daily wake time. I do not think I had even heard of what that was nor really considered the importance. I let Simeon sleep til whenever he wanted to and would be elated when it was past 8:30 or 9AM. This was FABULOUS when he was tiny. But it soon caught up to us.

Having a rotating start to the day (one day it was 6AM and one day it was 9AM) snowballed into having a rotating day, every day. I remember never feeling like I could get a handle on what the day would look like or when he would be sleeping. I am type A and prefer routines/predictability. Once I realized I could start his day at the same time every day, and saw how that impacted the rhythm of the days in general, I was so excited!

When Della girl came along, I tried the waking-her-at-the-same-time-every-day routine and it was SO wonderful. I remember being so grateful that I at least knew the few chunk of times she would be awake and the few she would be asleep.

So, hindsight is 2020 but if you’re reading this and you have a newborn/infant with you, foresight can be 2020, too!! Learn from my experiences and play around with trying to wake your little one (and start the day with a full feed!) around the same time each day. Go, Mama, Go!