Hindsight is 2020

Hey Sleepy Cues Community!

We are almost to 2020, right? Robin and Jenn always know that hindsight is 2020, especially when it comes to sleep!! We all run into those times where we feel like we’ve failed in the sleep department. Well, guess what? WE HAVE TOO! We don’t see any situation as a complete sleep failure; but we sure have learned over the years and realized what we would like to do differently moving forward.

  • This month we are each going to share two ‘hindsight is 2020’ stories with you from our own personal lives!

  • Here are some of the main things that we have learned over the years!:

    • It’s a rhythm, not a schedule …. Don’t be bound by the house.

    • Timing matters more than the mode. Allow yourself to have baby sleep on the go.

    • Mama’s mental health matters, it’s important to do things for you.

    • It’s okay to step away. Go to the bathroom, make a cup of tea, take a breath.

    • If baby isn’t crying, don’t go in until the nap is over because it’s less stimulating in there than with you.

    • In the early days, after 30 minutes, the nap isn’t over - you can continue the nap!

  • Stay tuned this month for our personal stories based on many of these themes. We can’t wait to encourage all of you that we have been there too! We would love to hear some of your stories, too!