School Re-entry: Hang in there!

Did any of you guys go into summer trotting along, excited for all that was to come? And, now, days before school begins you feel like you’re barely hanging on!! Summer is coming to a close and school will resume very soon for many across the US.

We wanted to share a friendly reminder that now is the time to begin shifting sleep routines back to school-time sleep routines. Understandably, so many of us stay up a little longer, enjoy the extra sunshine outside and snooze in because the kiddos are snoozin’ too! If you know that school wake up time will be earlier than what your kiddos have done all summer, slowly start making bedtime earlier so that you can begin to have them wake closer to the school daily wake up time, too. It will likely be a bit more pleasant if you ease into the change rather than rip the bandaid on day 1 of school.

What time have your kiddos been going to bed this summer? What fun exceptions have you made to help this be a special time? What are you most excited about for the start of the school year??