Functional Fitness

We are chatting about personal health this month on the blog and I wanted to share a habit I literally think about every day! One of the challenging aspects of being a mama is trying to fit in all the things … all the cooking, all the working, all the personal care, all of the appointments and all of the fitness.

If we are honest, the first thing that usually goes is the time we spend on our own personal health/fitness. We know this to be true so it becomes even more important to incorporate fitness and being active into our every day.

A friend once coined the term “functional fitness” to describe how she lives her life. Part of maintaining personal health, for her, meant incorporating fitness into every part of life! What she means is, whenever possible try to choose an active option when possible. I thought this was genius. Here are a few examples below. Try some out and let us know how you make your fitness, functional this month!

  • Park further away in the parking lot.

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

  • Walk to the store instead of drive.

  • Lift weights while watching tv.

  • Do some kegels while you cook.

  • Play soccer with the kiddos in the yard.

  • Do the last nap for the baby on the go and take a walk.

  • Stand while working at your desk.