Parties, Fireworks, and Sleep, oh my!

So raise your hand if your little one got to bed on time last night?  Were you able to put them to sleep in a stroller, ergo, car seat and then transfer them to their beds later?  I (Robin) was able to get all my kiddos to bed and watch the fireworks from the balcony at the hotel on the water! 

Whose little one was woken up by the fireworks in the neighborhood?  Thankfully in LA we don't have too many fireworks going off in the streets, however, there are some big shows down by the water, but we don't get too much noise from those.  I (Jenn) kept those fans running for extra white noise, here!  If you are struggling with a fussy baby today, get those naps in even on the go if needed! Sleep begets sleep.  :)