Fall Parent Essentials: Coffee

One of the essentials you need this Fall (especially this weekend), is Coffee!  For those of you who don’t know, or are in denial, the time change will be happening this Saturday night (Sunday morning) at 3AM! The clocks will fall back 1 hour to show 6AM on the clock (the old 7AM). This is the best time change if you don’t have kids, however, it is the not as fun change if you have kids. Take the kids out on an early coffe run and make some fun out of it!  


We also wanted to remind you of 2 options you have to combat the time change and get back on track!

Our first option for falling back one hour is what we like to call the “Rip the Band Aid” method. Ripping the band aid is exactly as is sounds. Painful the first day or two, but things will even out quickly. Saturday night wil be your usual bedtime. Then, Sunday morning the kids will wake up at the new time an hour earlier. Sunday night, you will have you baby or child stay up until their regular bedtime on the clock (7pm but feels like 8pm to them). Go for a walk in the evening, play some soothing music, keep stimulation low that last hour before bed considering baby might be unsettled. In regards to naps, you will stretch them and keep them up until their regular naptime on the clock (This can also be painful for them considering they will be up an extra hour). If they normally nap at 12pm, then it will feel like 1pm.

 The second option is what we like to call the “Inchworm” method. We all dread the early morning wake ups, so this method is one that you can begin starting Thursday night, November 1st (TONIGHT). Beginning Thursday night, inch bedtime back by 15 minutes each night. If your babies’ usual bedtime is 7pm, then inch back to 7:15pm Thursday night. Friday night, inch back to 7:30pm, and 7:45pm on Saturday night. By Sunday night, you will be at your new 7pm (old 8pm). You can also adjust the morning wake up time by 15 minutes as well to keep in sync with he schedule.

We are always here for you if you need any further advice for your specific schedule!