Fall Parent Essentials: Illness Remedies

With fall comes cold and flu season (and 24 hour stomach flu, and ear infections, and RSV, and everything else in between). We wanted to give you some of our favorite preventative methods to use this season. As a disclaimer, always check with your pediatrician or naturopathic doctor before giving any of these to your children, yourselves, or anyone else.  

1. Emergenzzzz: We love these tea packets. You can drink it hot or cold, but they have worked wonders for preventing colds. You mix with water and take before bed.  

2. Traditional Medicinals: Throat coat and Cold Season Tea: These are both excellent teas that help to prevent colds or soothe sore throats.  

3. Essential Oils: We love diffusing On Guard from Doterra. The bonus is that it makes your house smell like fall!

4. Apple Cider Vinegar: If you are feeling stuffy, steam some hot water and 1 tbs. ACV in a bowl with a towel over it into your nose. It’s a wonderful remedy for sinus infections or colds. You can also take a shot of it, but warning, it will put some hair on your chest! 

5. Eat some chopped, raw garlic on buttered toast if you feel a cold coming on.  

6. Garlic Mullein oil:  If your child is complaining of an ear ache, place a couple drops in the ear, and watch it disappear!  

7. Essential Oil: Breathe scent by Doterra: Diffuse overnight in your humidifier to help stuffy noses breathe more easily at night.  

8. Neti Pot: One of our favorites is the Neti Pot. It helps prevent and relieve sinus congestion. 

9. Probiotics: Our favorite brand of probiotics is Klare Labs. It comes in infant, child, and adult forms.  

10. Elderberry syrup or vitamins. We love Zarabees Natural Elderberry Gummies. The kids love the flavor and they helped us stay well last season.  

We hope you find these helpful!  Let us know if you have anything else to add!