Fall Parent Essentials: Cold Weather Gear

Here are our top 3 Cold weather gear items!

  1. Stroller gloves: When I visited my friend in NYC one February, these were totally clutch! You don’t have to take the gloves off and on each time and if they get water or snow on them, it wicks off. If you have to send a text or zip up a kids jacket, jut pop your hands out!

  2. Babywearing coat: This is such an essential in cold weather where you still want to wear your baby, but you need to have a coat on!

  3. Wool Woven wrap: This is also so clutch for warmth in cold weather! It helps keep you and your baby nice and cozy! Plus, we love Didymos. Their wraps are easy to wrap with and have a lot of support and a little stretch. They get super soft over time as you wash and wear them. Perfect for a new squishy baby in the winter!