Fall Parent Essentials: Cleaning Products

We are always trying to go natural as much as we can to help our bodies and the earth, but some viruses and grime need some high powered cleaning action. We want to offer you a few suggestions for around your home this fall. 

1. Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant: This product is incredible. It doesn’t Have harsh odors, but it is super effective in killing the 24 hour stomach viruses. A friend recommended this to me one year when we had 4 back to back stomach viruses. She said, “Robin, you keep getting it because you aren’t using the right cleaner!” The next year, we cleaned with this product one a week around door knobs, drawer pulls, etc., and never got a stomach virus. I’ve been faithfully using it weekly so far this season.    

2. Seventh Generation Disinfectant Spray: This spray is made from Thyme oil which has properties to kill cold and flu viruses on hand. Make sure to disinfect all points of contact with your spray (laptops, light switches, door knobs, fridge handles, etc.). 

3. Washing the sheets: Make sure to wash your sheets and towels with Hot or warm water after someone is sick. This will prevent germs being shared!

4. Wash Hands! Don’t be shy about asking guests to remove shoes and wash their hands when they come inside (especially little guests).