#Momlife: The Entryway

I’m not sure if you live in a big house with a grand front entryway, large staircase and chandelier OR in a farmhouse with a welcoming mudroom in the back door with a bench, hooks and lots of shelving OR in a one bedroom apartment where the “entryway” is two feet from your kitchen table. Regardless of what your ‘entryway’ looks like, I find that this space that welcomes us in from the outside world is prone to get so much clutter.

It’s pretty much set up to be that way .. we walk in with arms full of LIFE and it is only natural to set down the bags, backpacks, empty cups, trash from the car, shoes off feet, etc. So I have found that it is essential that the things I normally walk in the door arms full of, should have a SPACE. For me, those are:

  • workbag

  • jackets

  • shoes

  • empty snack containers

  • keys

  • scooters

  • mail

  • helmets

I spent time thinking through what the easiest way it would be for me to access hooks/shelves/bins/etc tם CATCH ALL THE CRAP! And, it has significantly decluttered my life AND saved the “after the kids go to bed clean up everything” sweep.

We have a very small entryway at the front and no entryway in the back. So, I put hooks by the front door for each helmet & backpack and hung up a long coat rack. I made space to line up the scooters under the hooks, right next to the door. Our shoe bins are under the table and on top of the table is the “I need to deliver this to so and so” space.

By the backdoor, there is a bowl for my keys, hooks for my workbag, and a shelf for mail. I try to always throw the old cups/snack containers in the sink right when I walk in. We also do our best to clean out the hooks often. If fall/winter is over, then we move jackets to our closets. Unused items, we move to the shed out back.

At the end of the day, I do channel Marie Kondo who says everything needs a place. It’s true! If you KNOW you’re going to be walking in the door with said items every day, you may as well make a space for them so they can plop right in to their spot!