Holiday City Highlight: Denver, Colorado

A guest post from Katie:

As a Denver native, who has now lived in sunny Los Angeles for 4 years now, I am always excited to go home to the snow and cold at Christmas time. December and Christmas just aren’t the same without coats and mittens, hot chocolate, and snowflakes. Because of this, I take full advantage of all the cold weather activities when we visit Colorado in December. Here are some of my favorites that you can do, hopefully, in any cold weather city you visit or live in.


1.       Sledding: My number one MUST DO activity in any snowy city! I prefer to pinch a few pennies and skip the ski slop sledding spots. If you don’t have a family member or friend with some sleds, take a trip to the local Walmart or Target to pick up some cheap ones. Hills are easy to find, especially in Colorado, but you can always just look for the kids already out sledding. Most schools and parks have good sledding hills of various sizes. Don’t be afraid to google local favorite sledding spots too. People are happy to share where they love to have fun!


2.       Build a snowman and have a snowball fight: This is a must if you are visiting a snowy spot, especially if you have a Frozen fan, like my daughter. It also doesn’t cost a penny! Non-natives, make sure that your kiddos have snow gloves and not cotton gloves. It’s no fun to play in the snow without proper gear.

3.       Ice Skating: We are all excited to go ice skating in Denver this Christmas. While there are places to skate in LA, it’s more fun to skate when it’s cold outside. My two favorite places to go skating in Denver are The Rink at Belmar Shopping Center and the Downtown Denver Rink at Skyline Park.

4.       Christmas lights: I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy looking at Christmas lights, but in Denver, my favorite thing is to find car-friendly light shows. Who wants to get our of your car when it’s cold outside? Plus, these shows often have radio stations linked to their show so you can listen to the choreographed music too! You will need a ticket to most of these events. Water World has put together a new light show that is 1.5 miles long. If you’re willing to drive a little, the Illumination Light Show in Manitou Springs is worth it!

If you want a free light show in the Denver area, check out the light show at 3402 Trenton St. in Stapleton. It is great, just not drive thru!

5.       Free Museum Days: Do you need to get inside and warm up? Denver has some great free days at local museums. Check out this website for details, or google your local city:

6.       Indoor Play places: Another special gem in Denver are their recreation centers. I’m not sure how the memo didn’t get transferred to LA. Every city has their own recreation center that is open to the public (non-residents and non-members included) for a small price. Inside most of them is a kid friendly play structure where your kids can climb, run, and play for hours! No need to go to your local fast food play place (unless you want to).

7.       Spend a few bucks…..

If you’re tired of all the free options and have money burning a hole in your pocket, there are plenty of other fun activities to do around the city to do. One of my favorites? Go catch a holiday show. Denver is known for having some of the best performing arts and it is all reasonably. Here’s a link, but feel free to google what’s happening in your own city:

I could go on and on, mostly because I love this time of year and I love Denver. Please don’t forget look up what is happening in your local city or town. This is a special time of year and your communities work hard to make it special!