Marriage Care: Date Night Planning

How many of you set up your date night calendar in advance? Do you plan them all out for the year? For the month? Or each week? I’m going to share some ideas today about how to get those dates on the calendar. It’s so important to make time for you and your spouse especially when you have kids running around!

1. Decide on how many dates per month you want to go on? We usually plan 1 big date so that’s definitely on the calendar, and then have other impromptu ones come up throughout the month.

2. Decide on how many getaways per year you will take for just you and your spouse. We decide to have 2 kid free weekends this year. It’s so necessary for us to go away without the kids and remember who we are as a couple. We always miss the kids, but we are better off as a couple for it! We planned the first one for the year and went away in January, but we are waiting to plan our second one until plans firm up a bit more!

3. Decide who is responsible for planning the dates? Once you get them on the calendar, decide who is in charge of planning which ones? Will one person tackle finding a sitter while the other plans what you’ll do?

4. What do you enjoy doing together? Make a list of things you love so the person planning isn’t guessing 

5. I don’t know about you guys, but there are always so many birthday expectations, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day expectations! It seems like we rarely hit the nail on the head with this one.  It’s like someone tries to plan a surprise and either it’s great or somewhat disappointing/not really what the person wanted. Mother’s Day is coming around the bend so I better start thinking of what would be nice. To hang out with the kids or not. Always a tough one! Do you guys have any go to plans for those special occasions?!