Marriage Care: Last Minute Date Ideas

We all know how difficult it is to plan date nights in advance with kiddos running around! Here are some ideas for last minute dates!

1. Special Dinner at Home: We love an impromptu date night at home with take out! I’ll either have my husband pick up something on his walk home from work, or door dash something to the house! I like to choose something that’s special or more difficult to cook on my own.

2. Movie Night w Popcorn: Who doesn’t love a movie night! We all know how hard it is as parents to get to the movie theatre. Grab some cute popcorn containers and dim the lights for a theatre experience. Make a run to the store for your favorite candy or treat!

3. Reminisce about memories together: Sometimes we forget to dig out those old memory books or pictures that we’ve saved and remember how special we are to each other. The other day my kids found an old box and it was fun to do that together. After going through the box, spend time sharing some things you love about each other. Write them down and try to guess what the other person said!

4. Swap a date night with a trusted friend: This is the easiest way to find free sitting for the kids. Put your kids to bed and make it easy on a friend to just sit at the house and watch Netflix while you go out. Trade the following week where you do the same for their family.

5. Coupon book: Trade a coupon book of things you love with your partner to be redeemed at a later time!