Marriage Care: Date Night!

We all know how hard it is to come up with date night ideas! Here’s a checklist of everything you need for a special evening with your partner!

1. Book your Reservation: Check out Eater Heat map for your city to look for the hottest new restaurants. It’s never steered us wrong! We always like choosing places with reservations so we don’t have to worry about a long line and a wait. Then, we can do something else after dinner!

2. Buy Lingerie: Spend some time shopping for a nice piece to wear after the date. Most women don’t spend time shopping for themselves, so this is a good excuse to take time for yourself!

3. Get present: If it’s a special occasion, don’t forget to put a reminder in your phone to purchase a gift.

4. Book Massage: Make sure to book any spa services or appointments that you want to do during the date.

5. Communicate what you are expecting: The most important thing is to decide who is planning what part of the night. I always like to plan the activities and my husband loves to plan the food, so sometimes we divide it up that way! If you’re expecting your spouse to plan the whole thing, make sure to communicate that well in advance and check in!