Joys & Surprises: Danielle

Think back to when you were expecting your first child. Maybe they were growing in your womb, maybe you had just sent off your home study for adoption, maybe you had just implanted a fertilized egg or maybe you were waiting for that call from a social worker. This month we are sharing the joys & surprises of motherhood. We reached out to our friend Danielle to ask her what she thought were some joys & surprises of motherhood.

Joy:”The smiles and cuddles and fun outfits.”

It’s the best, isn’t it?! The cuddles and snuggles from a newborn might be the best thing in the world.

Surprise: “How new and amateur I would feel all the time and the copious information from every website, mother, grandmother and family member. I felt overwhelmed yet unable to make sense of it all.”

Were you a mama who read all the things or did you go into motherhood wanting to wait and see how things played out? We could literally fill an entire library with the books and articles written on how to be a mom in today’s day. There is no lack for information out there, that’s for sure! And the information to take in is not just for the path of pregnancy; the information seems to triple when it’s time to parent this baby. Add to that the cacophony of voices who want to weigh in an opinion and it can be all together overwhelming!

Joy: “Most of all, the connection of being our own little family.”

Thank you, Danielle, for sharing and reminding us that no matter how overwhelming the information may be - the connection of getting to be your own little family is an incredibly special experience.