Creating Mental Clarity

The month of January is already coming to a close! Time moves unbelievably fast and if you are anything like me, you might have already started to forget the vision you set at the first of the month. We wanted to pause today and do a mental check, so to speak, before moving into the month of February.

Now that your kiddos are back in school, daycare or with a nanny - how is it going juggling all of the moving parts? Have there been some new pressures that have surfaced since the holidays? Did you get a new position at your job? Has someone you loved gotten ill? Did the project you were hoping to work on fall through?

We know that within the Sleepy Cues community alone, you guys have likely already experienced some really high highs and some intense lows in 2019. This can all create deep pressure on your body and your mind.

One of my hopes for 2019 was to create margin - to create margin both in my schedule and budget but also margin in my mind. I wanted to have free space where I could think about nothing, dream for the future or meditate on truths I want to encompass. Many of the ‘brain candy’ I was consuming last year was to do lists and checklists. I wanted more for this year!

Some of the things you can consider when talking about creating mental space and margin can include:

  • Yoga/meditation

  • Spiritual practice

  • Creating a space and putting a time on the calendar for this purpose.

  • Silence/solitude

Perhaps the most important one I’ve found is to figure out what activity or NON activity actually settles you. When you walk away from Yoga, do you feel centered and connected? If so, continue to invest your time in it! If not, perhaps there is a different practice you might want to consider. What are some of the ways you guys stay centered and mentally clear? Send your thoughts our way!