Planning Check Ups

You don’t have to be sick to go to the doctor! Sometimes a doctor’s appointment on the calendar can simply mean you’re thriving.

Over the past few weeks, we have talked about setting a vision for your year, how batch cooking can save you time & money, and the importance of incorporating functional fitness into every day life. We’ve found, that in addition to batch cooking your food, it can also be helpful to ‘batch schedule’ your appointments!

Come August or September and many parents are headed to the doctor to get school/preschool/daycare forms filled out. But what about the rest of the year?! One of the things you can do to contribute to overall personal health is take regular visits to the doctor for checkups and maintenance.

What if you took the next 20 minutes and scheduled your family’s appointments for the whole year!?! Then you wouldn’t have to think about it again. Just put them in your calendar and you are good. to. go!

Here are some of the appointments we thought of when batch scheduling our own appointments and kiddo’s appointments:

These appointments are typically scheduled 1-2 times per year. But please check with your specific providers on their recommendations.

  • Optometrist appointment (eyes)

  • Well woman exam

  • Partner’s yearly check up

  • Dental cleanings

  • Skin check at dermatologist

For the kiddos:

  • Well baby appointment(s)

  • Dental appointments (1-2x/year). You can start these as early as 12 months if you want to.

  • Orthodontist (depending on age).

As a pro-tip: set a reminder in your to-do list or calendar to ‘batch schedule’ your appointments again this time next year.