Bedtime Routines

One routine we find incredibly important is the bedtime routine. At Sleepy Cues, we love to keep the components simple so that you can even do the same routine if you’re in a rush or on the go! 

The first thing to consider logistically is the bedtime. We love for kids all the way up to age 5/6 to have a 12 hour “night”. This can include night feedings, but we would love night hours (no talking/playtime) to be 12. Consider your family and what time you will have to wake your child in the morning for school/work/daycare.

Once you’ve decided on a time, give yourself 15-20 minutes of a routine. You can always add bathtime before the routine if you need to bathe every other night or every night. Make sure that the items you include could be shortened if necessary. Here’s a sample infant and toddler routine for a 7pm bedtime. 



6:30pm: bathtime

6:45pm: pajamas/diaper and massage/lotion

6:50pm: feeding time before bed in the dark room/white noise on

7pm: place in crib/bassinet for sleep


6:15pm: bathtime  

6:30pm: pajamas/diaper

6:40pm: book reading time  

6:50pm: final liquids

6:55pm: Night Night Song and cuddle stuffed animals/blankets for bed.  

7pm: put in crib or bed for night sleep

As you can see, you can use these same elements on the go if needed. You can incorporate these same steps at a hotel or in a stroller if you’re out late. Make sure that you have the same white noise sounds and blankets/lovey for your child to take with them on the go.