#Momlife: Bedrooms

Whether you have one bedroom or two bedrooms or five bedrooms, these spaces can quickly become blackholes for all of our belongings, too! Just like with the entryway, I agree with Marie again in that everything should have a space (as much as possible). Both for you and your kiddos, your/their room should be a place they are excited to walk in to! It can be a breath of fresh air, rather than a room closing in on us.

We recently redid our room and we went pretty simple with everything. For our bedside tables, we try to keep only 2-3 things on top and a few things in the drawers. For me, I have my phone and a lamp on the top of my bedside table. Then in the drawers, I have a box of tissues, my nebulizer (hashtag asthma), only two books that I am ACTUALLY reading right now, and my silk head wrap. Everything else had to find a new home or be thrown out! It has been quite a change to feel peace when opening my bedside table drawers and seeing the top of it.

You can do the same for the kiddos if they have a little table by their bed. Rather than the books piling on by the night, keep just a few, a cup of water and perhaps their okay-to-wake clock. The rest can find a new home somewhere else in the room.

For the toys, I love to put out half of the toys my kiddos have and then putting the rest away in the closet. Every few weeks, we rotate out which toys they are playing with and it keeps the room clean/toys fresh & exciting.

We put items we aren’t wearing or don’t need (A/C or heaters) back up in the attic so they don’t take up space in the bedroom.

What are some of the things you do to keep your bedrooms clear/simple?