Personal Health: Batch Cooking

One of my favorite ways to pursue personal health is through batch cooking. At the start of a week I will sit down and think through how many meals I need at work. Am I having a work meeting over lunch? Are they taking care of our food during staff meeting? Then I think through our evening plans. Are we going out as a family? Any date nights over dinner?

Once I know how many meals are remaining, I will begin planning what we are going to eat.

Everyone has a different way of cataloguing there meals; I prefer to do it on an actual pad of paper. I write it out for that week and then stick it on the refrigerator. I also know people who will write it in their digital calendar along with their daily appointments. Whichever route you take, I believe the key to health eating is having a plan!

Thank goodness my husband does not mind leftovers (and neither do I!) so we often will make one big batch of something and split it into glass containers for the week. He cooks his portions and I cook mine (if we are eating different things. Then, before we head off to work, we grab our glass container + an apple and we are good to go!

Here are a few of my favorite, easy meals:

  • Burrito bowls (rice + ground beef + corn + beef + lettuce + salsa + chips)

  • Pasta + pesto + tomatoes + bacon + avocado

  • Couscous + meatballs + tomato basil sauce

  • Grassfed burger patties, lettuce, corn salsa + sweet potato slices/fries

  • Quinoa salad w/ lemon basil dressing