Airplane travel bag for kids!

Packing a busy bag for a baby or toddler for a flight can be overwhelming, but here are some ideas to get you started!


Pack the essentials for nap time (carrier, car seat, blankets, travel white noise, pacis, lovey) and don’t forget big teething toys if you have a baby who likes to chew! Bring snacks for older babies such as puffs or crackers to keep them busy. A spare outfit for mom and baby is also a great idea in case of a poop explosion or milk spill. Don’t forget lots of extra diapers and wipes jut incase. A travel changing pad that holds all the essentials is an easy grab and go option for changing on the plane. The bathroom at the back of the airplane is usually where the changing table is located.


This is by far the toughest age to travel with. All they want to do is grab the hair of the passenger in front and kick the seat in front of you! Water Wows, stickers (reusable ones), new small board books and snacks are usually a hit!

Big kids: Take a trip to Target and let them pick out 3 small toys to unwrao on the airplane. This way they have something to look forward to and don’t have to use the ipad the whole time. The last 3 hour flight we took, by 2.5 and 6 year olds didn’t even touch a screen. They were so excited about opening all of their new loot they picked out (Individual play-doh, LOL surprise pets, hot wheels, books with stickers, and a Daniel Tiger toy set kept them busy!