July 4th recovery!

Happy 4th! We all know how fun it is to stay up and see the fireworks with kids, but there’s sometimes a price to be paid the next day if they stay up too late! Here are some troubleshooting ideas for you guys today and tomorrow!

Babies (0-18 months):

Bring a carrier or a stroller along to the fireworks and put baby to bed at their usual bed time. Even if they sneak in an extra late night “nap” at bedtime instead of staying asleep until you transfer them to bed, it will be better for them to get that extra sleep in instead of staying up for 4-6 hours and then going to bed late at 9/10pm.

Toddlers/Preschoolers (18m-5 years):

You can also do bedtime on the go in a stroller for this age. Another option would be to have 1 person hang back at the hotel or house and miss out on fireworks (maybe grandma or grandpa). so your toddler can get to bed on time. A third option would be to have a later nap on the 4th and then keep them up late for fireworks. You can have them in their pj’s so they can sleep on the drive home afterwards. The next morning, only allow them to sleep in past their normal daily wake time by 30 minutes so they can get back on track the next day.

Elementary aged kiddos (5+ years):

Plan a quiet rest time break in the afternoon of the 4th. Reading books/playing toys in a stroller or a quiet room. Watching a movie in the afternoon or listening to an audio book. Make sure they have a protein/full fat snack in the afternoon so they can make it to dinner and staying up late for fireworks without getting fussy. You can also get them in pj’s after fireworks for the drive home/back to the hotel. Also make sure they don’t sleep in longer than 45 minutes-1 hour the next day so they will get back on track to their usual bedtime the next day.