Communication: 0-6 months

When a mama is in labor, great relief often comes once they hear the cries of their newborn baby. It is at that moment we exhale and realize “thank goodness, my little one is here; he/she is alright.”

Communication is foundational to any relationship and it is in those early newborn days that we are helping our little ones learn the basics of communication. Through our facial expressions, eye contact (or lack thereof), and voice, they begin to learn how to interpret and understand the world.

From the very beginning, you can teach your little one that they have a voice by responding when they cry. Baby cries, mom/dad/caregiver responds. Baby cries, mom/dad/caregiver responds. This is the very basis of both attachment and communication. It is never too early to teach your little one that they have a voice and it can be heard!

It is also so important in the early days to make sure that your little one is able to see your face. This is how they take in and process information. You can coo with your little one, repeat their noises back to them once they begin to make noises, and exaggerate your mouth movements.

In a day where our phones are ever present around us, we believe it is even more important to recognize how much face time/voice time we are giving to our little ones. Do your best to have intentional times during the day when your phone is off set from you so you can focus on looking your little one in the eyes and communicate with them!