Communication: 3 - 5 years old

By now, your little one likely has grown in their vocabulary and sentence structure. Now comes the challenge of helping them learn how to communicate with kindness, how to communicate in social settings and also how to communicate their displeasure.

This is a great time to teach your kiddos how to introduce themselves to people they have not met. You can teach them to give eye contact when speaking with someone and also how to shake hands if they are just meeting. This is also a great time to teach how to wait to speak if you are interested in your child knowing how to have a back & forth conversation. Here are a few tricks:

  • have your child put their hand on your arm or leg if they have something to say. Then, place our hand over their hand so they know you are going to address them.

  • if they are constantly interrupting you, pause your sentence and say “John, I hear that you want to tell me something. I’m going to finish this story with Samantha and then I am so excited to hear what you have to say!”

  • once it is their turn to speak, if they waited patiently, praise them for waiting so kindly! Then allow them to take a turn to tell a story.

This is also a time to begin teaching kiddos how to communicate with one another. This can be awkward for caregivers at time but we believe it is so helpful to them in the long run! If your kiddo comes over and says “Sam is mean!!” You can say “oh buddy, I’m sorry. It sounds like your feelings were hurt. Can you share with me what happened.” “Let’s go talk to Sam and see if we can understand where he was coming from, etc.”

Kiddos need our help to put words to their experiences and this is a great season where we get to do that. Good luck, Mamas & Papas, you are stewarding precious little ones!